a mud crab
mud crab A large edible crab, Scylla serrata, found in mangrove regions and adjacent waters of the coastline of northern WA, NT, Qld and NSW.
a flannie-clad, mullet -sporting yobbo
The word bogan is understood throughout the country.
Qld: bevan
NSW: westie
Vic: scozzer
Tas: chigger
an australian tree
 With a red fruit containing an edible kernel.
aatsi-flag aboriginal language wiradjuri from nsw
lots of something
Come over, I've got stacks of beer.
1 suspicious, underhand
He's one of those dodgy salesmen.
2 unstable, unreliable
Those foundations look a bit dodgy.
galvanised iron
 In the form of corrugated sheets, a quintessential building material in Oz.
1 australian football league
 The organisation which replaced the Victorian Football League in 1990 and which regulates the national Australian Rules Football competition.
2 a game of australian rules football
The acronym AFL is used colloquially as a name for the sport when distinguishing it from other football codes, particularly in Qld and NSW.
aussie rules
jackass ∼ jacko, jacky
a kookaburra
 Also called the laughing jackass.
aussie slang since 1850
a wind instrument
The instrument was originally used only in Arnhem Land, but became commonly known in Australia as the didgeridoo. The Yolgnu word for the instrument has become widely known in recent decades, and was popularised by the music group Yothu Yindi, formed in 1986, whose members were Yolgnu speakers.
 aboriginal language yolgnu from arnhem land, nt
a small tree of eastern australian rainforests
 Grevillea Hilliana, also known as the White Silky Oak. It produces long branched clusters of white to pale green flowers from May to October.
The wood is used in cabinetwork.
a fool, a stupid person, a simpleton
 Originally an RAAF term for a raw recruit, derived from the name of a well-credentialled racehorse who could do just about anything…except win a race. He was retired in 1925 after thirty-seven starts led to thirty-seven losses.
aussie slang since the 1940s
was a sixpence, now a five cent coin
I'm broke – I haven't got a zack!
very tired
Time to go to bed, I'm zonked …
panel van
a vehicle like a station wagon
 With a single row of seats for the driver and passenger. Also called a panno or shaggin' wagon.
Jacky Howe
a navy or black sleeveless woolen jumper
Traditionally worn by labourers and bushmen.
Named after John Robert Howe, who established a world shearing record by hand-shearing 321 sheep in 7 hours and 40 minutes at Alice Downs, Qld in 1892.
His world record stood until 1950 when it was broken by a shearer using a machine.
Australia Day
the australian national day
Commemorating the landing, on 26 January 1788, of Captain Arthur Phillip at Port Jackson. The majority of Australians just use the day to have a barbeque or do some other pastime that takes advantage of the great things about the Australian lifestyle.
annual public holiday on 26 january
1 an unpleasant or despicable person
Piss off you stupid bastard.
2 any person, whether they are a bastard or not
Let me buy you a beer, you old bastard.
Poor bastard, it wasn't his fault.

3 anything that causes difficulty or aggravation
What a bastard of a day, it hasn't stopped raining.
This old computer is a bastard.
That was a bastard of a thing to do.
aussie slang since colonisation
a thinly rolled tobacco cigarette or marijuana joint
originally prison slang
rare as rocking-horse shit
non-existant or exceedingly scarce
a returned services club

The Returned and Services League of Australia is a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Defence Force.
red goshawk
an australian hawk
 Probably the rarest endemic bird of prey, Erythrotriorchis radiatus is a large brown bird with a cream head, throat, and red-brown underparts.
It feeds on live prey, mostly other birds and small ground animals, and is found throughout northern and eastern Australia.
a small returnable beer bottle
Originally they were washed & re-used.
Nowadays they are recycled, but the term is still in use.
south australian slang
babbling brook
a cook
rhyming slang: babbling brook for cook
to pretend to be someone or something which you are not
He's bungin' on an act.It is wiser to be natural, and speak the truth about yourself.
deadly treadly
a bicycle
 Lacking in accessories such as brakes, lights, etcetera. ocker slang
a tag used at the end of a sentence inviting assent
Wasn't that lucky, ay?In Qld and NZ it is used repetitously at the end of virtually every statement, without any sense of it being a question.
I was going down the shops, ay.
And I ran into Johnno, ay.
Hadn't seen him for weeks, ay.
Kembla Grange
loose change
Don't forget your kembla.
After the name of the racecourse at Woolongong NSW.
rhyming slang: kembla grange for change
awareness of being an aboriginal australian
The descendants of the original custodians of Australia who maintain links to their country and customs.
 aboriginal australia
an enviromentalist
The association of green with enviromentalism first appeared in England in the early 1970s in the name Greenpeace.
The addition of ie to form a noun was an Aussie contribution.
aussie diminutive
a ball that doesn't bounce after pitching
A type of delivery that is low to the ground.
You should put Stevo in to bowl next.
He might produce one of his legendary mullygrubbers!
 coined by cricket legend richie benaud
dog fence
the longest continuous barrier constructed on earth
 Stretching 5300 km from the Great Australian Bight in South Australia, across the country and through Queensland.
Designed to keep the dingoes in the north away from sheep country in the south.
off like a bride's nightie
to depart quickly
Or to move with a sudden burst of speed.
racing slang
rough, dirty, in poor condition
Originally convict slang meaning infected with lice.
aussie slang since the 1940s
a rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story
 From the name of a brand of water cart manufactured by J. Furphy & Sons, which became popular as gathering places where soldiers could exchange gossip, rumours and fanciful tales.
aussie slang from wwi
keep nit
to act as a lookout during illegal activity
aussie slang since 1882
a stupid person
Unique aussie blending of fuck and nitwit
a traditional aussie folk music percussion instrument
Made from a stake of wood to which beer bottle caps have been loosely nailed, and banged to the ground in time to the music.
in like Flynn
assured of success in an enterprise
 Originally meaning assured of a sexual conquest. Referring to aussie actor Errol Flynn, well‑known for his sexual adventures.
Interestingly, this term has been in use in the USA since the 1940s, but only in the non‑sexual sense.
wwii slang