Glossary Of Terms


advantage paid
umpiring decision in which play continues after an infringement
If the team with possesion of the ball is infringed upon, rather than stop play to award the free kick, the field umpire may, instead of awarding the free kick, allow play to continue if a player of the team who receives the free kick has taken the advantage.
aerial ping-pong
australian rules football
national rugby league slang
australian football league
The organisation which replaced the Victorian Football League in 1990 and which regulates the national Aussie Rules football competition.
The acronym AFL is an alternative name for the sport when distinguishing it from other football codes, particularly in Qld and NSW.
after the siren
a set shot for goal
If a player takes a mark or is awarded a free kick shortly before the siren sounds to end a quarter, the player is allowed to take the kick after the siren.
Often, the result of this kick is of little consequence, but if the player is within range of goal, any score will count towards the final result.
aussie rules
the national football code
The national game, also shortened to rules.

Glossary of Terms

Australian rules football has developed a unique and rich terminology. This list is an alphabetical glossary of terms, jargon and slang.

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