Decimal Notation in HTML


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 ⮃ Character Notes Notation
aa1 parenthesis left ( (
aa1 parenthesis right ) )
aa2 parenthesis left double ⦅
aa2 parenthesis right double ⦆
aa5left medium parenthesis ornament ❨
aa5right medium parenthesis ornament ❩
aa6left medium flattened parenthesis ornament ❪
aa6right medium flattened parenthesis ornament ❫
aa7 top top parenthesis ⏜
aa8 bottom bottom parenthesis ⏝
bbbb1 curly bracket left { {
bbbb2 curly bracket right } }
bbbb3 curly bracket upper left or lower right ⎰
bbbb4 curly bracket upper right or lower left ⎱
bbbb5 curly bracket medium left bracket ornament ❴
bbbb6 curly bracket medium right bracket ornament ❵
bbbb7 curly bracket left bracket white ❴
bbbb8 curly bracket right bracket white ❵
bb1 top top curly bracket ⏞
bb2 bottom bottom curly bracket ⏟
bbb1 angle bracket medium left-pointing ornament ❬
bbb2 angle bracket medium right-pointing ornament ❭
bbb3 angle bracket bold left-pointing ornament ❰
bbb4 angle bracket bold right-pointing ornament ❱
bbb5left bold ⟨
bbb6right bold ⟩
b4 u bracket left sideways u bracket ⸦
b4 u bracket right sideways u bracket ⸧
c chevron left-pointing ‹
c chevron right-pointing ›
c left left 〈
c right right 〉
c guillemot left-pointing double « «
c guillemot right-pointing double » »
c guillemot left double large 《
c guillemot right double large 》
t0 greater than punctuation > >
t1 less than punctuation &#60; <
z00 bracket left square &#91; [
z00 bracket right square &#93; ]
z01 bracket left square bracket with quill &#8261;
z01 bracket right square bracket with quill &#8262;
z1 bracket tortoise shell ornament left &#10098;
z1 bracket tortoise shell ornament right &#10099;
z2 bracket bold tortoise shell bracket left &#10647;
z2 bracket bold tortoise shell ornament right &#10648;
qqq1 angle quotation boldleft-pointing ornament &#10094;
qqq2 angle quotation bold right-pointing ornament &#10095;
html to pseudo-element
Symbols in HTML

Entities, symbols & characters have four methods of reference:
Named, Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Unicode, but only the Decimal form is reliable across browsers and platforms.

To use decimal notation encoded in UTF-8 insert
<meta charset=“utf-8”>
as the first line in the <head> of your document.

UTF-8 Encoding

The name is an acronym of Unicode Transformation Format – 8-bit.
Unicode is an abbreviation of Universal Coded Character Set.
It is a Character encoding capable of encoding all characters,
1, 114, 112 in total.

It is the dominant character encoding for the world wide web, accounting for 88.9% of web pages in April 2017.