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Stars Bullets ֎ Ticks Crosses

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Star Characters ✅
 ⮃ Character Notes Notation
star 1 five pointed ⋆
star 3 five pointed ✫
star 4 dot inside five pointed ✬
star 5 five pointed solid
five pointed outline
star 6 five pointed solid
five pointed solid
star 7 five pointed shadow ✯
star 8 six spoked ✲
star 9 eight spoked ✳
star 11 six-pointed ✶
star 12 eight-pointed ✷
star 13 eight-pointed ✸
eight pointed pinwheel ✵
white circled solid ✪
five pointed shadowed ✰
five pointed outlined ✩
teardrop-Spoked ✢
balloon-Spoked normal ✣
balloon-Spoked bold ✤
club-Spoked ✥
four-pointed solid ✦
four-pointed outline ✧
star sparkles ✨
asterisk ✱
Bullet Characters ✅
 ⮃ Character Notes Notation
bullet black small circle •
black heart rotated heavy dingbat symbol ❥
bullet orbit circled open center eight pointed star ❂
eternity sign right-facing armenian ֍ ֍
eternity sign left-facing armenian ֎ ֎
bullet circled forms part of a graduated set of circles with enclosed black circle of different sizes ⦿ ⦿
triangular bullet black right-pointing small ‣
triangular bullet black right-pointing ▸
spacing diaeresis this is a spacing character ¨ ¨
combining diaeresis double dot above, umlaut, greek dialytika,
double derivative
̈ ̈
middle dot midpoint (in typography), Georgian comma, Greek middle dot (ano teleia), also used as a raised decimal point or to denote multiplication; for multiplication U+22C5 is preferred · ·
one dot leader also used as an armenian semicolon (mijaket)
do not use this character in domain names. browsers are blacklisting it because of the potential for phishing.
two dot leader punctuation ‥
ellip three dots vertical ellipsis ⋮
ellipthree dots horizontal ellipsis ⋯
ellipthree dots up right diagonal ellipsis ⋰
ellip three dots down right diagonal ellipsis ⋱
ellip horizontal ellipsis three dot leader …
Tick and Cross Characters ✅
 ⮃ Character Notes Notation
tick ✓
tick ✔
tick outline ✅
ballot box checked ☑
ballot box crossed ☒
cross ✕
cross ✖
cross ✗
cross ✘
cross open centre ✛
heavy open centre ✜
cross mark ❌
Religious Cross Characters ✅
 ⮃ Character Notes Notation
cross of lorraine a heraldic symbol of france,
originally held to represent joan of arc
s5 star of david symbol of modern jewish identity and judaisim ✡
s5 jerusalem cross contrasts with the actual cross of jerusalem,
cross of jerusalemwhich adds a small crosslet at each corner
s5 cross alchemical symbol for vinegar 🜊 🜊
s8 west syriac cross ♰
s8 east syriac cross ♱
s8greek cross outlined ✙
s8greek cross solid ✚
s8 latin cross solid ✝
s8 latin cross outlined ✞
s8 latin cross solid outlined ✟
s8 maltese cross historically, the maltese cross took many forms; the shape shown in the zapf dingbats is similar to one known as the cross formée ✠
aa8 black on shield hospital cross ⛨
aa8hospital cross 🏥 🏥
s5 rub el hizb the rub el hizb (arabic ربع الحزب‎),
used to mark the end of each hizb (chapter) of the qur'an.
۞ ۞
s5 end of ayah the end of ayah,
used to mark the end of a verse of the qur'an.
the number of the
verse is enclosed within the symbol.
۝ ۝
s5place of sajdah arabic ربع الحزب
used in the qur'an, indicating that the reciter should follow the example of the prophet muhammad in prostrating himself before allah at that point in the verse.
۩ ۩