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 ⮃ Character Notes Notation
a1 apostrophe typewriter apostrophe     ' '
a2 apostrophe-like modifier letter, a glyph     ʼ ʼ
a2 apostrophe-like single prime     ′
a2 apostrophe-like right single quote    
single prime
a3 ampersand normal 'and'
originally derived from a ligature of 'e' and 't'
& &
a3 ampersand ligature open 'et' ornament
heavy serif 'and'
ornamental dingbat
🙴 🙴
a3 ampersand ligature open 'et' ornament
gothic 'and'
ornamental dingbat
🙲 🙲
a3 ampersand heavy ligature open et ornament
bold 'and'
ornamental dingbat
🙳 🙳
a4 asterisk normal star
can have five or six spokes
* text*
a4 asterisks two aligned vertically ⁑ text
a4 asterisk low
general punctuation
⁎ text
a5 asterism general punctuation ⁂ text
flower mark punctuation ⁕
reference mark ※
caret ‸
comma in technical writing  , ,
cross dotted ⁜
a6 ditto cyrillic small letter
iotified little yus
used in cjk languages    
ѩ ѩ
a6 ditto-like closing double quotes –
a6 ditto-like double acute accents ˝ ˝
a0full stop period, dot, decimal point    . .
one dot leader ․
modifier letter colon used as a tone letter in some orthographies
budu (congo), sabaot (kenya), and several papua new guinea languages
two dot punctuation ⁚
tricolon ⁝
vertical four dots ⁞
two dot leader ‥
three dot punctuation ⁖
two dots over one dot ⸪
squared four dot ⸬
dotaa1 one dot over two dots supplemental punctuation ⸫
dotaa1 two dots over one dot supplemental punctuation ⸪
five dot mark supplemental punctuation ⸭
four dot mark used by scribes in the margin as a highlighter
this is centered on the line, but extends beyond top and bottom of the line
⁛ text
four dot general punctuation ⁘
five dot ⁙
s0 semicolon reversed ⁏
s0 z notation type colon ⦂
s0 colon : :
s0 semicolon &#59; ;
q0 question ? ?
q0 question inverted spanish ¿ ¿
q0 question double ⁇
q0 question reversed ⸮
q0 question exclamation ⁈
q1 exclamation question ⁉
q1 exclamation ! !
q1 exclamation inverted spanish ¡ ¡
q1 exclamation double ‼
q0 interrobang ‽
q0 interrobang inverted ⸘
character tie ⁀
paragraph /pilcrow ¶
section § §