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Character Notes Code Render
apostrophe typewriter apostrophe ' '
apostrophe-like modifier letter - a glyph, not punctuation ʼ ʼ
apostrophe-like prime - single prime ′
apostrophe-like represented by right single quotes ’
caret punctuation ‸
asterisk punctuation * *
asterisks two aligned vertically ⁑
asterisk low ⁎
asterism punctuation ⁂
flower mark punctuation ⁕
reference mark punctuation ※
dotted cross punctuation ⁜
ditto to be used in cjk languages   ѩ ѩ
ditto-like represented by closing double quotes –
ditto-like represented by double acute accents ˝ ˝
comma punctuation , ,
full stop punctuation . .
one dot leader punctuation &8228;
modifier letter colon punctuation &42889;
two dot punctuation punctuation &8282;
tricolon punctuation &8285;
vertical four dots punctuation &8286;
two dot leader punctuation &8229;
three dot punctuation punctuation &8278;
two dots over one dot punctuation &11818;
squared four dot punctuation &11820;
one dot over two dots punctuation &11819;
five dot mark punctuation &11821;
four dot mark punctuation &8283;
four dot punctuation &8280;
five dot punctuation &8281;
semicolon reversed &8271;
z notation type colon punctuation &10626;
colon punctuation : :
semicolon punctuation &#59; ;
question punctuation ? ?
question inverted spanish ¿ ¿
question double punctuation ⁇
question reversed punctuation ⸮
question exclamation punctuation ⁈
exclamation question punctuation ⁉
exclamation punctuation ! !
exclamation inverted spanish ¡ ¡
exclamation double punctuation ‼
interrobang punctuation ‽
interrobang inverted ⸘
Character tie punctuation ⁀
paragraph /pilcrow punctuation ¶
section punctuation § §

The Comma in Technical Writing

The comma is used to separate thousands in numbers of four or more digits:
There were 88,000 data points.

In some foreign languages the comma indicates the decimal point.
To avoid confusion in technical writing use a thin space   to replace the comma.
There were 88 000 data points.

Symbols in HTML

Entities, symbols & characters have four methods of reference:
Named, Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Unicode, but only the Decimal form is reliable across browsers and platforms.

To use decimal notation encoded in UTF-8 insert
<meta charset=“utf-8”>
as the first line in the <head> of your document.

UTF-8 Encoding

The name is an acronym of Unicode Transformation Format – 8-bit.
Unicode is an abbreviation of Universal Coded Character Set.
It is a Character encoding capable of encoding all characters,
1, 114, 112 in total.

It is the dominant character encoding for the world wide web, accounting for 88.9% of web pages in April 2017.