The fellow who backs you into a corner, and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks, is an earbasher.
Professional earbashers can be found in local government and parliamentary circles, where they spend most of their time earbashing each other, and annoy us less than the amateurs.
Amateurs are to be avoided. Go to another pub.
john o'grady (nino culotta) 1965
eastern stater
a term for a person from the eastern states of oz
Used in WA and SA.
a person who is easily beaten
In the plural it refers to a team who are probably the cellar dwellers.
eat shit
a harsh expression of abuse
Commonly used in triumph over a competitor.


a small returnable beer bottle
Originally they were washed & re-used.
Nowadays they are recycled, but the term is still in use.
south australian slang
economic rationalism
the free-market approach to economic management
This approach is typically reflected in the adoption of privatisation, deregulation, ‘user pays’, and low public spending.
Most Aussies are surprised to discover that this is an aussie term. The corresponding term in Britain is Thatcherism, and in the United States Reaganomics.
aussie slang since 1985
egg flip
a tip
As at the races
rhyming slang from the 1960s: egg flip for tip
a tag used at the end of a sentence inviting assent
Wasn't that lucky, eh? In Qld and NZ it is used repetitously at the end of virtually every statement, without any sense of it being a question.
I was going down the shops eh
And I ran into Johnno eh
Hadn't seen him for weeks eh
1 an eighteen-gallon keg of beer
 Generally the size put on for a party.
ocker slang
2 a team in australian rules football
the Carlton eighteen
aussie rules


elastics ∼ elastic skippy
a girls' schoolyard game
A long loop of elastic is held between the legs just above the ankles of two of the participants, while a third performs a set of trick manoeuvres.
After completion of a set without mistakes the elastic is moved higher, thus increasing the difficulty.
a district, represented by a member of parliament
One who has been elected by the people who live there.
rhyming slang from 1850: elephants trunk for drunk.
El Niño
a climatic event
The original name, El Niño de Navidad, traces its origin centuries back to Peruvian fishermen, who named the weather phenomenon in reference to the newborn Christ, alluding to its appearance off South America at Christmas, which occurs on average every four to five years.
It is the warm phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), associated with a band of warm water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific.
Involving a rapid warming of the surface of the southern Pacific Ocean causing a change in normal wind and current movements, it has far-reaching and often disastrous effects on the world's weather, in particular causing drought on the eastern coast of Australia.The counterpart is La Niña, the positive phase of the ENSO, associated with high rainfall over eastern Australia.
spanish: the christmas child
Elvis ∼ more hits than Elvis
a car with many dents and scratches
A car could be described as having had more hits than Elvis.


Emerald City
a nickname for sydney
emma chisit ?
how much is it?
Probably the most famous piece of strine ever.
empty beer bottles
owenia acidula
A small tree with a rounded crown of dark green leaves, and small rounded, red, highly acidic fruits, found in the north-eastern parts of Australia.
1 a person who clears an area after a burning-off job
2 a person who picks up discarded betting tickets
3 a line of police combing an area for forensic evidence Also called emu parade, emu patrol, emu walk, and in WA, an emu stalk.
new zealand
 Hence Enzedder, a New Zealander.


aussie slang since the 1960s
eskimo pie
an ice-cream confection between wafers
a trademark used generically
portable insulated container for food and drink

The quintessential item of the aussie lifestyle.
a trademark used generically
esky lid
disparaging term used by surfies for a bodyboard
Alluding to the similarity of a body board to the aforementioned item.
Hence, a bodyboarder is called an esky lidder.
surfie slang
1 to outwit, to get the better of someone
2 to ruin or spoil
That's euchred it
Hence, euchred means beaten, defeated; down and out.
nearly obsolete slang
rebellion and stockade
Instigated by gold miners at Eureka Flat in Ballarat, Vic, who revolted against the colonial authority of the United Kingdom.

It culminated in the Battle of the Eureka Stockade, which was fought between miners and the colonial forces of Australia and named for the stockade structure built by miners during the conflict.

The rebellion resulted in the deaths of at least 27 people, the majority of whom were rebels.
3 december 1854
everything that opens and shuts
all possible embellishments
Also in the form All the bells and whistles.
a house built by the government but now privately owned
act slang
Those shoes look pretty exy to me.
it's the

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English