face like a
an ugly face …
Someone is said to have:
A face like a smashed crab.
or even:
A face like a half-eaten pastie.
bogan slang
fair cop
1 just punishment or outcome
2 to be caught red-handed  
fair cow
something distinctly unpleasant
aussie slang  since the 1900s
fair enough
a laconic summation of a situation
Fair enough darl, we'll go to the shops before the pub.
aussie slang since the 1940s
fair go
Australia often sees itself as an egalitarian society, the land of the fair go, where all citizens have a right to fair treatment.
Often used as an exclamation.
1 a reasonable chance
Fair go Kev, give the kids a turn!
Fair go darl, we've been to the shops, what about the pub?
Fair crack of the whip
Fair suck of the sav.

2 a call prior to the coins being tossed
In the game of two-up.
fair dinkum
1 genuine, true
Showing typical Australian honesty, guts, directness and the like.
They were all fair dinkum blokes and sheilas.
I'm fair dinkum, bloody oath I am!

2 fair and equitable
It was the only fair dinkum raffle run in the pub's history.
3 in earnest
As in Are you fair dinkum? meaning Are you serious?.
4 well and truly
He was fair dinkum pissing himself laughing.
5 really, honestly
As in, It's true, mate, fair dinkum. Appeared first in the phrase fair dinkum from Derbyshire and Lincolnshire dialects, meaning work or due share of work, and as a separate word dinkum, from 1905. Altered variously to fair dink, fair dinks, dink, true-dinks, and dinky-di.
aussie slang since 1890
fairy bread
slices of buttered white bread
Which are cut into triangles and sprinkled with tiny coloured sugar balls called hundreds & thousands.
Frequently served at children's parties in Australia.
fairy floss
pink spun sugar
Sold at fêtes and the like.
What the Poms call candy floss, and the Yanks call cotton candy.
illegally moving your hand over the line when shooting in a game of marbles
Someone who commits this crime is known by the opprobrious title:
Aussie schoolkids have been quite inventive when it comes to this crime, which is known around the country as cribs, cribbing, duckshoving, fnudging (or phernudging), fudging, and lagging
being hit in the face by the ball or an accidental headbutt
So called in honour of a famous incident involving the face of Rugby League player Mario Fenech, nicknamed the Maltese Falcon, or simply the Falcon, because of his Maltese background.
national rugby league slang
1 drive fast, accelerate, hoon
In honour of Juan Fangio.
I'm going for a fang around the block.

2 a tooth, a bite
A hearty eater is said to be:
Good on the fang

3 to crave food
I'm fanging for a steak.
4 to borrow money
I fanged him for a couple of bucks.
Farmer Giles
rhyming slang since the 1960s: farmer giles for piles.
activity which creates a false appearance of productivity
Coined by comedian John Clarke in the 1980s television series " The Gillies Report ".
a taunting name for a fat person
Especially used by children
wasting time
Stop fart-arsing around and get back to work!


feature with
to have sexual intercourse with
A favorite expression of the inimitable Bazza McKenzie.
aussie slang dating from the 1960s
federal police
 Once a small agency with a defined remit, the organisation now has a broad range of national and international responsibilities.
Loosely, the term means any police officer.
feeding time at the zoo
a disorderly rabble
Commonly found when there is something free on offer
Similar to a shark feeding frenzy.
a term of endearment to a child
1 a type of hippie enviromentalist
2 a person living outside the home environment, often as a streetkid
3 among teenagers, something disgusting or gross
4 someone who is wild in behaviour
The kids have gone feral!.
1 a player at the tail-end of the batting order
So called since they follow the bunnies or rabbits in.
cricket slang
2 the penis
To have sex:
Give the ferret a run.

To urinate:
Run the ferret up a drainpipe.
ocker slang
fess up
to confess to something
1 dirty, grubby, unclean, smelly
2 bad, awful, dreadful
several ice-cold beers or other alcoholic drinks
 In Aussie if you are going to have a few it has only one meaning.
We're going to the pub for a few.


a house constructed with fibro cement
A type of asbestos and cement compressed into sheets, which was the basic component of domestic architecture Australia-wide.
We bought a nice little fibro up the coast.
a bookmaker
Hence, to field is to work as a bookmaker.
He's been fielding for three years now.
aussie slang since the 1930s
1 a glass of beer, half old and half new
Also simply called a fifty.
I'll have a glass of fifty, love.

2 a dance
Usually held in a country or suburban hall, at which the dancing and music is half old-time and half modern.
a film shown at a cinema
The ocker way of saying ‘film’.
ocker slang
excellent, brilliant, wonderful
The waves were absolute filth this morning!
aussie slang since the 1980s
very angry, enraged
A much stronger form of the terms dirty or ropeable
I've never seen him so filthy!
to perform extremely well
Our team was really firing in the last quarter.
a firefighter
aussie diminutive
first cab off the rank
1 the first to do something
2 to be first in a queue
First Fleet
 the eleven ships arriving in australia in 1788
First Fleeter
a person whose lineage can be traced back to the first fleet
A cause for great pride since 1826.
fish frighteners
A type of swimming costume.
See sluggos for more terms.
1 a fishmonger
2 a fish & chip shop
3 a fisherman or woman
4 a street vendor selling fish
fit as a mallee bull
superbly fit , strong , and healthy
So named after the rural district in Victoria known as The Mallee.

Here's the contender, he looks as fit as a mallee bull.
five o'clock wave
a fictitious wave
A tale told to unwary visitors, the wave is supposedly created by the release of water from an upriver dam, passing down the Murrumbidgee River through the town of Wagga Wagga.
Get your surfboard and hurry down to Wagga Beach to catch the five o'clock wave!
a police informer
aussie slang dating from the 1890s
a five dollar note
fizzy drink
a carbonated soft drink
1 a failure or a fiasco
2 a dud firework
3 a great party
aussie slang from the 1940s


shark fillets
Sold in fish & chip shops
flake out
lie down exhaustedly
Johno's flaked out on the couch.
flannie ∼ flanno
a flannelette shirt with a coloured checked pattern
 The emblematic dress of:
westies, bevans, scozzers, chiggers, and bogans.
aussie diminutive
flash as a rat ∼ with a gold tooth
ostentatious, showy
And a bit too flashily dressed.
flash language
jargon of criminals in colonial times
 Originated in England and brought to Australia by transported convicts.
1 quality tobacco brought in from outside
prison slang
2 the centre area of a racecourse used by spectators
aussie turf slang dating from the 1840s
flat chat
as fast as possible
He drove flat chat down the road.
flat out ∼ like a lizard drinking
extremely busy, at top speed
We've been flat out at work.
aussie slang since the 1930s
1 get rid of someone or something
I'm gunna give Nick the flick.
2 a movie or film
Wanna see the new flick at the Roxy?
3 to turn back an odometer
Also known as a haircut.
aussie slang since the 1920s
a cinema
Wanna go to the flicks to see that new fillum?
a leg-spinners delivery
 A low skidding ball, squeezed out between thumb and fingers which kicks forward rapidly upon striking the pitchThe ball comes through faster and lower than anticipated by the person batting.See mullygrubber, offie and leggie for more deliveries.
cricket slang
1 a meat pie served atop mushy peas
 An aussie culinary treat, particularly common in Adelaide and, to a lesser degree, Sydney. It consists of a traditional aussie-style meat pie, usually sitting, but sometimes submerged upside down in a bowl of thick green pea soup.
The consumer may also add tomato sauce, mint sauce, salt, pepper, and malt vinegar to personal taste. Often purchased in the street from pie-carts as a late evening meal.
aussie slang since 1915
2 an item that is kept illegally and smuggled between cells
prison slang
3 a worker not attached to a gang
wharfie slang
4 a human corpse found floating
police slang
5 a piece of excrement in a toilet that won't flush
aussie slang
6 a coin which fails to spin
two-up slang
1 to sell something

2 to steal something

3 to whip as punishment
a short stick
 With a bunch of crepe paper streamers in team colours.
Used in barracking at footy matches.
aussie rules
1 a fast kangaroo

2 a female quokka

3 a fast shearer
a wager
Are you going to have a flutter on the Cup? In any sport, but especially on the Melbourne Cup, held annually on the first Tuesday of November.


1 australian rules

2 rugby league or union

3 soccer

4 a football
Who kicked the footy over the fence? Generally, footy refers to Rugby League in QLD and NSW, and to Australian Rules Football in the other states.
a derogatory term for football
Either aussie rules, rugby league, or rugby union, but not soccer, which is known as catch and kiss.
1 a person's luck especially when viewed enviously
He's won lotto again! How's his form?
aussie slang since the 1960s
2 a person's character
A lousy dobber! Yeah, that'd be his form.
aussie slang since the 1920s
fourteen nights
Included here for the elucidation of seppos.
standard english
1 to search for gold in mining refuse
From a Cornish dialect.
2 to rummage in search of something
She was fossicking through the cupboards looking for some sugar.
aussie slang since the 1850s gold rush days
1 a piece of timber measuring four inches by two inches
I got whacked on the scone by a great lump of fourby.
2 a four-wheel drive vehicle
A contraction of the term four-by-four, numerically 4×4.
a fox terrier
aussie diminutive since the 1900s


1 a condom
2 a sausage
aussie slang since the 1970s
1 the anus
2 a chocolate confection topped with hundreds & thousands
field ration eating device
field ration eating deviceConsisting of a spoon, a bottle‑opener and a can‑opener.
Know colloquially as a fucking ridiculous eating device!
Australian Army isssued to the australian military
Fred Nerks
archetypal aussie drongo
There goes Fred Nerks taking up the whole road with his caravan.
aussie slang since the 1960s
Fremantle docker
a seafarers expression
The afternoon sea breeze that was predictable and in the right direction to enable sailing vessles to arrive at the dock in the port of Fremantle. Because of the prevailing daytime breezes, square rigged sailing ships could rarely find a wind to bring them inshore untill the air rising from the heat of the land caused a sea breeze to appear at the end of the day.
This sea breeze is called the Fremantle Docker for the obvious reason that it is the breeze by which you dock.
During the night the land cools and by morning off-shore breezes prevail making it difficult, if not impossible, to dock a square rigged ship. The name was adopted by the AFL team the Fremantle Dockers

There was one snag to the name: the link between the then Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union, which was de‑registered in 1993 following a criminal investigation.
Fremantle Dockers inaugural CEO David Hatt and inaugural chairman Ross Kelly utilised a myth around a common vernacular term in WA to get the name across the line.
He allayed the board’s fears that effectively the name didn’t come from the docks at all, it came from the famous sea breeze which the chairman affirmed was called the ‘Fremantle Docker’ as it used to blow the sailing ships into Fremantle harbour.

Fremantle doctor
an afternoon cool sea breeze from the indian ocean
Bringing relief on a hot summer's day to the residents of WA Like Fremantle, many towns have given it a local name.
Albany, Geraldton, Esperance, Eucla and Perth all have their doctor.
first recorded in the 1870s
the city of freemantle, wa
freshwater crocodile

Crocodylus johnstoni is a species of crocodile endemic to the northern regions of Australia.

Unlike their much larger relative, the saltie, they are not known as man-eaters and rarely cause fatalities, although they will bite in self-defence if cornered.
aussie diminutive
friend of Dorothy
homosexual male
From Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, played by Judy Garland, a gay icon.
1 an exclamation
Used as a substitute for the word fuck.
What the friggin' hell is going on here?

2 to masturbate

3 to have sex
frog & toad
the road
It's time to hit the frog.
rhyming slang since the 1900s frog & toad for road
an ice-cold beer
froth & bubble
1 double

2 trouble
aussie racetrack rhyming slang since the 1960s


1 an exclamation
Used to express disgust, annoyance, anger, amazement, wonder, and delight. Often euphemised to eff .
See bloody or frig for an alternative term

2 sexual intercourse
I suppose a fuck's out of the question, then?
3 to ruin, spoil, or wreck
All that drinking has fucked my liver.
4 to astound or amaze
It fucks me how he can keep on drinking.
5 a contemptible person
Leave me alone you stupid fuck!
6 a much stronger equivalent of other swearwords or words of abuse
I don't give a fuck.
7 a substitute for the word 'god' in oaths and the like
What in fuck's name are you doing!
8 to not care at all
I really don't give a flying fuck!
fuck about
1 to waste time
Let's just fuck about until smoko.
2 to treat someone unfairly
I'm being fucked about by that mob!
fuck around
to cheat on someone sexually
fuck all
very little, virtually nothing
fuck buddy
a friend with whom you have sex
Without the trappings of a committed relationship.
an awful lot
They've got a fuck-load of problems.
fuck-me boots
women's long-legged, sexually alluring boots
fuck-me boots
fuck-off boots
men's large and imposing footwear
fuck-off bootsThe bouncer was wearing his big fuck-off boots.
fuck over
to take advantage of another
To swindle or cheat someone.
fuck up
1 to blunder
He fucked up the project with his mistake.
2 to ruin or wreck
That storm last night fucked up the fishing today.
3 a person who is mentally or emotionally unstable.
Don't let Harry come, you know what a fuck up he is.
fucked up
1 severely affected by alcohol or drugs
2 mentally or emotionally wrecked
3 a state of total abnormality
This whole town is fucked up!
1 any person
So the old fucker was right!
2 any thing
I can't get the fucker started!
a stupid person
Unique aussie blending of fuck and nitwit
fuck with
to meddle with
1 to falsify documents, applications, etcetera, in an attempt to deceive
We got the car loan but I had to fudge my bank balance.
2 to illegally move your hand over the line in a game of marbles
intoxicated, drunk
Used throughout Aussie.
He was full of piss and bad manners!
I was as full as!
He was fuller than a State School bike-rack.
full of beans
full on
intense, confronting
completely, without reservation
Used as an intensifier.
It fully reminds me of my trip to Europe.
aussie youth slang since the 1990s
a rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story
 From the name of a brand of water cart manufactured by J. Furphy & Sons, which became popular as gathering places where soldiers could exchange gossip, rumours and fanciful tales.
aussie slang from wwi
fuzzy wuzzy angels
a term for native papua new guineans
Reknowned for giving great assistance to Australian soldiers during World War II
it's the

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English