exciting, very good
Check out this mad video.
mad as a cut snake
crazy, insane
mad as a meat axe
extremely angry
mad mick
a pick
They used mad micks to break the rocks.
rhyming slang: mad mick for pick
a magpie
An affectionate name for the magpie, a bird which during the breeding season attacks people.
the magpies
An AFL team from Collingwood, Melbourne.
Car'n the maggies!
aussie rules slang
in a bad mood
magic pudding
a never-ending or endlessly renewable source
malabar hilton
long bay correctional centre in malabar, sydney nsw
foolish talk
the remote rural district of victoria
john williamson mallee boy
mallee bull ∼ fit as a mallee bull
superbly fit, strong, and healthy

So named after the rural district in Victoria known as The Mallee.
mango madness
a feeling of oppression at a time when mangoes are abundant
Afflicts residents of the top end during the build-up to the wet season. Marked by an increase in heat and humidity, causing tension and irritability.
Also called suicide season or simply troppo.
map of Tassie
a woman's pubic area
household linen
Also the department of a shop where such goods are sold.
man in white
an aussie rules goal umpire
 Less affectionately known as a white maggot.
Nowadays the uniforms are more colourful, but the phrase remains.
aussie rules slang
1 friend
Haven't seen you in ages, mate.
2 any male person
Look here mate ...
Perhaps the importance that Australia places on mateship can be attributed to its history as an immigrant nation.
Convicts, orphans, prostitutes and lone individuals came to Australia without families. Consequently, their friends subsituted for their lack of a family network.
In many respects, mates serve the role that family serves in other countries. Mates can be relied upon in times of need and will stand by you through the good times and the bad.
a long drawn out way of saying mate.
Used in various contexts:
As a friendly greeting when pleased to see your mate.
As a way of cajoling a mate into agreeing with you.
As a way of placating a mate who is agitated.
In 2009 Tony Abbott went from supporting an emissions trading scheme to opposing one in the space of a few months.

Maaate, I know I'm a bit of a weathervane on this …

…he told Malcolm Turnbull afterwards
mate's rates
discount given to a friend
Marrickville Mercedes
a derisive term for a chrysler valiant
 The Sydney suburb of Marrickville has a large ethnic population, among whom this make of car used to be popular.
sydney slang
a swag
The blanket-wrapped roll carried by a swagman, who is said to be waltzin' matilda


Aussie pronounciation of the first-person possessive.
I've got me wobbly boots on…
Where's me flanno?
meccano set
an enormously large set of traffic lights

Located at the intersection of the Hume Hwy and Henry Lawson Dr, near Liverpool in Sydney.
Turn left at the meccano set
sydney slang
methylated spirits drinker
Hence a metho drinker is a character who has sunk so low that he ignores its foul taste and lethal potential because of its high alcohol content and low price. See goom for more.
beer served in a 285 ml glass
 Chiefly a NSW term, although understood around the country.
See beer, schooner, and seven for more information.
nsw slang
milk bar
corner shop
 A general store selling a variety of food and drinks.
Also known as a deli in SA, WA, Qld, and elsewhere.
This milk bar is located in Essendon, Vic.
aussie slang since the 1950s
the woman of the house on a rural property
Traditionally having jurisdiction over the affairs of the homestead, she is the counterpart to the boss.
The term is now used throughout the country to refer to one's wife or girlfriend.


any group of people or animals
An aboriginal australian english word referring to any group sharing similar interests or peculiarities.
Mob o' sheep
They're a weird mob down in Melbourne.
Ring the mob that fixed our car.
 aboriginal australian english
jinx or curse
Hence, to thwart someone's efforts or cause them to have bad luck.
I can't take a trick, someone's put the mockers on me!
aussie slang since the 1920s
molly dooker
left handed
to pamper or make a fuss over someone
despicable person or thing
Mongrel of a car.
More rain! What a mongrel day it'll be.
monkey suit
dinner suit
to wander aimlessly
I'm going for a mooch around the town.
moo juice
 We've got enough moolah for a truckload of piss!
a festival held annually in melbourne
The Moomba Festival, is the largest free community festival in Australia. It was renamed Melbourne Moomba Waterfest in 2003 and is centered on the Yarra river. It has been celebrated since 1955 during the Labour Day long weekend over four days in March, with a record attendance of 1.7 million people in 1996.
hair on the head
more hits than Elvis
a car with many dents and scratches
It could also be described as having had more hits than the Beatles.
to jinx
To put the moz on is to have an evil influence on someone.
a mosquito


a mud crab
 A large edible crab, Scylla serrata, found in mangrove regions and adjacent waters of the coastline of northern WA, NT, Qld and NSW.
the vagina
1 a fool or a novice
A bloke who hasn't got a clue.
2 a con-man's victim or anyone who is not a member of the underworld
A bloke who is easily taken in is also called a sucker.
3 the face
Most people with ugly mugs  have a pleasant disposition.
4 a type of large metal or porcelain cup for tea, coffee, etc
A glass mug  is for beer.
hunger induced by marijuana
male hairstyle
 Long at the back and short at the front & sides
Business at the front, party at the back!
a ball that doesn't bounce after pitching

A type of delivery that is low to the ground.
You should put Stevo in to bowl next, he might produce one of his legendary mullygrubbers!
See leggie, offie and flipper for more deliveries.
coined by cricket legend richie benaud
the gathering together of livestock in one place, a round-up of stock
This sense of muster is transferred from a military use meaning a calling together of soldiers, sailors, prisoners, etc... a roll-call. In Australia this military sense was applied specifically to a routine assembly of convicts in order to ascertain that they were all present. In the colonial period it referred to a census of the whole population (of the colony, of a district, etc.).
the transferred sense to livestock is recorded from the 1830s
a dog
Myers ∼ more front than…
overly impudent
From the Melbourne department store, which has a large frontage to Bourke Street.
A similar phrase is more hide than Jessie.
it's the

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English