1 an uncultivated australian male

From Ocker, a popular 60's television character, always portrayed in shorts, singlet and thongs, sinking a beer and talking with a broad aussie accent.

2 anything typically australian

3 aussie english
ocky strap
an elastic strap used to tie down loads
aussie diminutive: ocky for octopus
a certainty
It's odds-on he'll be at the pub.
aussie slang since the 1890s
1 when the beer's off
You wait for it to come back on again.
2 when the meat's off
You throw it away because it has gone bad.
3 when a place is going off
Everyone is having a good time.
4 when you blow off
You'll be abusing someone.
5 when you piss off
You'll be leaving, which you may be asked to do if you
tell a story that's a bit off.
off like a bucket of prawns ∼ in the midday sun
extremely rotten, stinking
1 an off-break
 A ball which, when a right-hander is facing, changes direction from off to leg when it pitches.
The spin is generated by the first and second fingers of the right hand.
2 a bowler who specialises in off-break deliveries
The most popular method of spin in cricket. See leggie, mullygrubber and flipper for more deliveries.
cricket slang
off like a bride's nightie
to depart quickly
Or to move with a sudden burst of speed.
racing slang
opposed, uncooperative
Buy him a beer, don't get him offside.
an assistant at work
Originally a bullocky's term for a bullock yoked to the offside (the right-hand side), and hence his assistant who attended to these bullocks.
aussie slang since the late 19th century
hey you
Oi, what do you think you're up to?
reliable news or information
Generally qualified in some way, such as good oil , or dinkum oil .
Roughly equivalent to drum, except when it is used as a verb, in which case it is always followed by the word up
Did you get the drum for the next race?
Yeah. Joe oiled me up
aussie slang since 1910
old cheese
your wife
rhyming slang since the 1970s: cheese and kisses for missus
old fella
Also known as the oldies or the old folks.
Your mother is the old dear, your father is the old man.
aussie slang since the 1970s
old hand
an experienced person
old man kangaroo
an adult male kangaroo
first recorded in 1827
1 something about to function or occur
Are the races still on?
2 to be attached romantically
Is Joe still on with that shelia?
3 to draw attention to somebody
What a galah! Be on him, will ya?
4 to back a contestant or team
I'm on Bold Personality, what did you back, Fine Cotton?
a player who is free to follow the ball anywhere on the ground
 aussie rules
on for young and old
on the nose
on ya
good on you
Come over, we've got oodles of grog.
goodbye, farewell
The unaspirated version of hooroo, itself a variation of “hooray”.
aussie slang since 1916
the aussie international women's basketball team
opportunity shop
An outlet for second-hand goods, also called thrift stores, run by charitable organisations such as the Salvos or Vinnies.
open slather
a situation where there are no restraints
It's open slather at this bush pub on Sunday arvo.Often where the forces of law and order turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to infringement of regulations.
the remote inland regions of australia
out of whack
not operating properly
an outlying sheep or cattle station or aboriginal settlement
to have lost enthusiasm for something
I'm over this bush pub.
to drive cattle a long distance through the outback
For the drovers life has pleasures, that the townsfolk never know.
clancy of the overflow by a.b. paterson
oxford scholar
a dollar
rhyming slang : oxford scholar for dollar
 the most comprehensive atlas you have ever seen
it's the

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English