A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


Andrew Miller's Lugger
a king's ship or vessel
area sneak ~ area slum
the practice of slipping unperceived down the areas of private houses
And robbing the lower apartments of plate or other articles.
to practise petty larceny
To work under the arm-pits  is to practise only such kinds of depredation as will amount, upon conviction, to what the law terms single or petty larceny, the extent of punishment for which is transportation for seven years. By following this system a thief avoids the halter, which certainly is applied above the arm-pits.
to see through or comprehend any scheme, deception, or design
An expression used on many occasions. A thief will say to his accomplice, on perceiving the person they are about to rob is aware of their intention, and upon his guard: Stow it, the cove's awake!