A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


a purse
A haddock stuff'd with beans is a jocular term for a purse full of guineas!
half a
applied sarcastically to a person
half a bean, half a quid, half-a-guinea, half a bull
half-a-crown, half-flash, and half-foolish
One who has a smattering of the cant language, and having associated a little with family people, pretends to a knowledge of life which he really does not possess, and by this conduct becomes an object of ridicule among his acquaintance.
Down as a hammer
hang it on
to delay or protract the performance of any task you have undertaken
By purposely dallying and making as slow a progress as possible, either from natural indolence or to answer some private end of your own. To hang it on with a woman is to form a temporary connexion with her, to cohabit or keep company with her without marriage.
1 a bull-bait or bullock-hunt
2 to be in a position of advantage
To have a person at a good hank is to have made any contract with him very advantageous to yourself, or to be able from some prior cause to command or use him just as you please, to have the benefit of his purse or other services, in fact upon your own terms.
3 a spell of cessation from any work or duty
On the score of indisposition or some other pretence.


highway robbery
The game, that is, exclusively on horseback.
a highwayman
his-nabs ∼ him or himself
a term by way of emphasis
Used when speaking of a third person.


taken up or in custody
To hobble a plant, is to spring it.
a shilling
Five, ten, or more shillings, are called five, ten, or more hog.
the game of shop-lifting
A person expert at this practice is said to be a goad hoist.
defrauding someone with whom you are confidentially connected
To put a person in the hole, in the garden, in the bucket, or in the well, are synonymous phrases, signifying to defraud him.
See garden for more information.
a constable
an inside coat-pocket