A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


1 a ladder
2 a simple half-witted person
a post-chaise
a postillion
Someone who rides the rear horse of a pair in order to guide the horses pulling a carriage (especially a carriage without a coachman).
removing a man by underhand means
To jacket a person is nearly synonymous with bridging him.
Also in the form: clap a jacket on him.
This term is more properly applied to removing a man by underhand and vile means from any birth or situation he enjoys, commonly with a view to supplant him. Therefore when a person is supposed to have fallen a victim to such infamous machinations it is said to have been a jacketting concern.
a wig


jemmy ~ james
an iron-crow
a fog or mist
a coachman
jervis's upper benjamin
a box or coachman's great coat
a door alley-way in scouse


any concerted robbery which is to be executed at a certain time
This is spoken of by the parties as the job, or having a job to do at such a place, and in this case as regular preparations are made, and as great debates held, as about any legal business undertaken by the industrious part of the community.
a shilling
Five jogue is five shillings, and so on, to any other number.
a country-bumbkin


a family-man
Whose talents and experience have rendered him a complete adept in his profession, and who acts with a systematic prudence on all occasions, is allowed to be, and called by his friends, a fine judge.
prudence , any thing accomplished in a masterly manner
Also economy in acting, and abilities (the result of long experience) for executing the most intricate and hazardous projects is therefore said to have been done with judgement. On concerting or planning any operations, one party will say:
I think it would be judgement to do so and so, meaning expedient to do it.
a blowen
But sometimes used when speaking familiarly of any woman.
a dog
1 a window on the ground-floor
2 a game or species of robbery
Effected by getting into a house through any of the lower windows. To jump a place is to rob it upon the jump.
A man convicted for this offence is said to be done for a jump.