A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


1 to transport for seven years or upwards
2 a convict under sentence of transportation
3 to make water
To lag spirits, wine, etc is to adulterate them with water.
a sailor
speaking of a person likely to be transported
They say lagging dues will be concerned.
lagging matter
any species of crime for which a person is liable on conviction to be transported
lag ship
a transport chartered by government
For the conveyance of convicts to New South Wales. Also a hulk or floating prison in which, to the disgrace of humanity, many hundreds of these unhappy persons are confined, and suffer every complication of human misery.
the eyes
To have queer lamps is to have sore or weak eyes.
fun or sport of any kind
To create which is termed knocking up a lark.
a white cambric handkerchief


synonymous with fly
see fly
any thing paltry or of a bad quality
Is called a leather-lane concern.
letter q
the mace or billiard-slum
Sometimes called going upon the q, or the letter  Q  alluding to an instrument used in playing billiards.
going about to respectable houses with a letter or statement
Detailing some case of extreme distress, as shipwreck, sufferings by fire, etc, by which many benevolent, but credulous, persons are induced to relieve the fictitious wants of the imposters, who are generally men or women of genteel address, and unfold a plausible tale of affliction.
levanting ~ running a levant
to bet money when you possess none
An expedient practised by broken gamesters to retrieve themselves, and signifies to bet money at a race, cockmatch, etc without a shilling in their pocket to answer the event. The punishment for this conduct in a public cockpit is rather curious.
The offender is placed in a large basket kept on purpose which is then hoisted up to the ceiling or roof of the building, and the party is there kept suspended, and exposed to derision during the pleasure of the company.


the various cheats and deceptions practised by the designing part of mankind
Meaning a person well versed in this kind of knowledge is said to be One that knows life.
In other words, one that knows the world.
This is what Goldsmith defines to be a knowledge of human nature on the wrong side.
1 to inform of any robbery etc
Which has been some time executed and concealed, is termed bringing the affair to light.
2 to produce any thing to view
To give up any stolen property for the sake of a reward or to quash a prosecution is also called bringing it to light.
3 urging a division of any booty
A thief, urging his associates to a division of any booty they have lately made, will desire them to bring the swag to light!
a pocket-book
To get a person in a line, or in a string is to engage them in a conversation while your confederate is robbing their person or premises. To banter or jest with a man by amusing him with false assurances or professions is also termed stringing him, or getting him in tow. To keep any body in suspense on any subject without coming to a decision, is called keeping him in tow, in a string or in a tow-line. To cut the line, or the string is to put an end to the suspense in which you have kept anyone, by telling him the plain truth or coming to a final decision, etc. A person, who has been telling another a long story until he is tired or conceives his auditor has been all the while secretly laughing at him, will say at last, I’ve just dropped down, you’ve had me in a fine string, I think it’s time to cut it.
On the other hand, the auditor, having the same opinion on his part, would say, Come, I believe you want to string me all night, I wish you’d cut it, meaning, conclude the story at once.


a till or money-drawer
To have made a good lob is synonymous with making a good speak.
a covered cart
In which travelling hawkers convey their goods about the country and which is secured by a door, lock, and key.
the practice of hiring ready-furnished lodgings
And stripping them of the plate, linen, and other valuables.
look at a place
to examine premises prior to a robbery
When a plan is laid for robbing a house, etc, upon the crack, or the screw, the parties will go a short time before the execution to examine the premises and make any necessary observations.
This is called looking at the place.


1 a room
2 pawn
To lumber any property is to deposit it at a pawnbroker’s or elsewhere for present security
3 retire for a short time
To retire to any house or private place for a short time is called lumbering yourself.
4 gaoled
A man apprehended and sent to gaol is said to be lumbered, to be in lumber or to be in Lombard Street.
1 to drink
Speaking of a person who is drunk, they say,
Alderman Lushington is concerned or
He has been voting for the Alderman.
2 beer or liquor of any kind
lush-crib ~ lush-ken
a public-house , or gin-shop
lush ~ lushy
drunk , intoxicated
a drunken man