A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


a hint , signal , or private intimation from one person to another
This is termed officeing him, or giving him the office.
To take the office is to understand and profit by the hint given.
old lag
a man or woman who has been transported
So called on returning home, by those who are acquainted with the secret.
See lag for more information.
the moon
oliver is in town
the nights are moonlight
A phrase signifying that the nights are moonlight and consequently unfavourable to depredation.
oliver's up
the moon has risen
oliver whiddles
the moon shines


one upon your taw
alluding to a future act of retribution
A person who takes offence at the conduct of another, or conceives himself injured by the latter, will say:
Never mind, I'll be one upon your taw or I'll be a marble on your taw.
a watch-seal
A bunch if onions is several seals worn upon one ring.
obtaining goods from a shopkeeper
By means of a forged order or false pretence.


quite , completely , effectually
See serve and fake for more information.
1 a person of a resolute determined spirit
Who pursues his object without regard to danger or difficulties.
2 an incorrigible depredator
Who will rob friend or stranger indiscriminately being possessed of neither honour nor principle.
out of flash
see flash
out of the way
going out of town or concealing oneself
A thief who knows that he is sought after by the traps on some information, and consequently goes out of town, or otherwise conceals himself, is said by his palls to be out of the way for so and so, naming the particular offence he stands charged with.
See wanted for more information.
out of twig
1 to disguise your dress and appearance
To put yourself out of twig is to avoid being recognised on some particular account.
2 a man reduced by poverty to wear a shabby dress
Is said by his acquaintance to be out of twig.
3 alter any article such as a stolen coat, cloak, etc
In such a way that it cannot be identified.