A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


to unlock
See betty.
to unlock, unfasten, etc
See dub up.
a thief whose associates are all apprehended
Or taken from him by other means is said to be unpalled, and he is then obliged to work single-handed.
to unlock , unfasten , or unbutton
Speaking of a person whose coat is buttoned, so as to obstruct the access to his pockets, the knucks will say to each other, The cove is slour’d up, we must unslour him to get at his kickseys . See slour for more information.
to rob , or otherwise deprive a man of his watch
having been divested of ones watch


up in the stirrups
having plenty of money
A man who is in swell street, that is, having plenty of money, is said to be up in the stirrups.
upon the cross
see cross
upon the square
see square
upon the suit
see suit
upper-ben ~ upper-benjamin ~ upper-tog
a great-coat