A New and Comprehensive

Vocabulary of the Flash Language


a watch
a favourite amusement among flash-people
Relating their various adventures, exploits, and escapes to each other. This is most common and gratifying, among persons in confinement or exile to enliven a dull hour and probably excite a secret hope of one day enjoying a repetition of their former pleasures. A person expert at telling these stories is said to spin a fine yarn.
A man using a great deal of rhetoric and exerting all his art to talk another person out of any thing he is intent upon, the latter will answer:
Aye, Aye, you can spin a good yarn, but it won’t do.
Meaning ‘All your eloquence will not have the desired effect’.
A jealous husband is called a yellow gloak.


a chest or large box
1 to stare or look at any person in an impertinent manner
This termed yorking.
To york any thing, in a common sense, is to view, look at, or examine it.
2 a look , or observation
A flash cove observing another person (a flat) who appears to notice or scrutinize him, his proceedings, or the company he is with, will say to his palls:
That cove is yorking as strong as a horse!
There is York Street concerned.
a countryman or clown
An emphatical term used in speaking to another person