Brisbane Football Club

Brisbane Lions Flag

The Lions are one of the most successful clubs of the 21st century, having appeared in four consecutive Grand Finals from 2001 to 2004 and winning three premierships.



The Brisbane Lions Football Club was formed from the merger of the Fitzroy Lions and the Brisbane Bears.

We are the pride of Brisbane town,
We wear maroon, blue, and gold.
We will always fight for victory,
Like Fitzroy and Bears of old.
All for one, and one for all,
We will answer to the call,
Go Lions, Brisbane Lions.
We'll kick the winning score.
You'll hear our mighty roar!

The club's team song, "The Pride of Brisbane Town", is based on the Fitzroy club song, and is sung to the tune of La Marseillaise,
the French national anthem.

playing uniform

imageBrisbane F.C Uniform 2018
imageBrisbane F.C Uniform 2019

home ground

The putative merger between the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Football Clubs in 1996 was widely felt at the time to be likely to mark the inception of a new football dynasty.

The reasoning was simple: the Bears had been the third best side in the AFL in 1996 and, with the addition of eight or so of Fitzroy's most accomplished players, the merged ensemble could not help but be even more potent.