Fitzroy Football Club

fitzroy lions

The Fitzroy Football Club was formed at a meeting at the Brunswick Hotel on 26 September 1883 to represent the inner‑Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy.


26 Sept 1883



We are the boys from old Fitzroy,
We wear the colours maroon and blue,
We will always fight for victory,
And we'll always see it through,
Win or lose, we do or die,
In defeat, we always try,
Fitzroy, Fitzroy,
The club we hold so dear,
Premiers, we'll be this year!

Sung to the tune of La Marseillaise,
the French national anthem.

Despite winning only four games and finishing sixth in the 1897 season, the ❛Maroons❜, as they were then known, won the premiership in 1898, winning the first Grand Final against Essendon.

Fitzroy was the most successful club in the first 10 years of the VFL, winning four premierships and finishing runners-up on three occasions. The 1913 team won the flag after winning 16 of 18 matches in the home and away season, earning the nickname ❛Unbeatables❜.

playing uniform



home grounds

Fitzroy played its home games at Victoria Park, sharing it with Collingwood in 1985 and 1986, then at Princes Park from 1987 until 1993; and over the same time it moved through several different training and administrative bases, spending time first at the Westgarth Street Oval in Northcote, then later Lake Oval in South Melbourne and Bulleen Park in Bulleen.


Fitzroy Football Club premierships runner-up
8 5