Greater Western Sydney Football Club

the giants

In March 2008, the AFL won the support of the league's 16 club presidents to establish an eighteenth side to represent the Greater Western Sydney area and Canberra.




The Giants


Think Big. Live Big. Play Big.

club song

Well there's a big big sound
From the west of the town.
It's the sound of the mighty Giants!
You feel the ground is shaking,
The other teams are quaking
in their boots before the Giants!
We take the longest strides
and the highest leaps.
We stronger than the rest!
We're the Greater Western Sydney Giants!
We're the biggest and the best.
And we will never surrender,
We'll fight until the end,
We're greater than the rest!

playing uniform


The Giants Stadium is their home ground, located in Western Sydney.

The Giants first premiership game was at Blacktown Sportspark (the same dimensions as the Melbourne Cricket Ground) on 15 April 2012.

The Giants are contracted to play four games a year at Manuka Oval, Canberra.


Greater Western Sydney premierships runner-up
0 1