The Hawks' origins are in the inner-eastern Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, based at Glenferrie Oval, the club's former administrative and training base and social club.

The club, founded in 1902, is the youngest of the Victorian-based teams in the AFL and has won thirteen VFL/AFL premierships.




The Hawks

It is renowned as the only club having won premierships in each decade since the 1960s.

During the history of the Hawthorn Football Club, the club has had four mainstay home grounds (Glenferrie Oval, Princes Park, Waverley Park and the MCG).

Prior to adopting Glenferrie Oval as the club's traditional home the club had a nomadic history, playing home games at whatever the most suitable obtainable ground was for that season.


Upon entering the VFA they adopted the colours brown and gold which have remained to this day, although the design has changed a few times.

Club Song

We're a happy team at Hawthorn
We're the Mighty Fighting Hawks.
We love our Club, and we play to win,
Riding the bumps with a grin
(at Hawthorn).
Come what may, you'll find us striving
Team work is the thing that talks,
One for all and all for one
Is the way we play at Hawthorn.
We are the Mighty Fighting Hawks!

To the tune of
"The Yankee Doodle Boy"


Spectemur Agendo
Let us be judged by our acts.

Glenferrie Oval

1925 – 1973

Princes Park

1897 – 2005

Waverley (vfl) Park

1970 – 1999


1897 – 2019

As a Melbourne Cricket Ground tenant, Hawthorn is among the top 5 crowd drawing clubs in the league.

York Park

2001 – 2019

University of Tasmania Stadium

years in competition & premierships

Hawthorn Football Club years in competition premierships runner-up
1925 – 2019
13 6