Melbourne Football Club

melbourne demons

It is named after and based in the city of Melbourne, Victoria. It is the world's oldest professional club of any football code.


May 1859


The Fuchsias
The Demons (Dees)

The club's origins can be traced to an 1858 letter in which called for the formation of a "foot-ball club" with its own "code of laws".

An informal Melbourne team played that winter and was officially formed in May 1859 when Wills and three other members codified "The Rules of the Melbourne Football Club", the basis of Australian rules football.

The club was a dominant force in the earliest Australian rules football competition, the Challenge Cup, and was also a foundation member of the VFA in 1877 and the VFL in 1896.

Frank 'Checker' Hughes became Melbourne's coach in 1933, and under his leadership, the club entered a golden age. He was the driving force behind changing the club's nickname from the Fuchsias to the Demons.

You are playing like a lot of flowers. Lift your heads and play like demons!

The club has won 12 premierships, the latest in 1964.

They collected wooden spoons in 1974 and 1978, and in 1979 they suffered the worst defeat in VFL/AFL history, losing to Fitzroy by 190 points.

Playing Uniform

Club Song

It's a grand old flag
It's a high flying flag,
It's the emblem for me and for you.
It's the emblem of the team that we love.
The team of the red and the blue!
Every heart beats true
For the red and the blue,
And we sing this song to you!
Should old acquainted be forgot,
Keep your eye on the red and the blue!

The only club song that doesn't include the name of the club.

The club has been a sporting section of the MCG since 2009, having previously been associated with the ground between 1889 and 1980.

In 1889, the club was reincorporated into the Melbourne Cricket Club, and for many years the two organisations remained unhappily linked.

The club's close association with the MCC allowed it to claim the MCG as its home ground and gave it access to a wealthy membership base, but Melbourne's reputation as an "establishment" club was not always an advantage.

The Cricket Club members have the automatic right to attend all events at the ground, including football games.

This meant many potential members had a reduced incentive to join the football club, and Melbourne's membership remained one of the lowest in the competition.

years in competition & premierships

Melbourne Football Club years in competition premierships runner-up
1897 – 1915 + 1919 – 2019
12 5