Port Adelaide Football Club

the power

Port Adelaide Football Club is based in Alberton, Port Adelaide, SA.

It is the oldest professional sporting club in SA and the fifth-oldest club in the AFL.


12 May 1870


The Power

In 1994 it was announced that Port Adelaide had won the tender for the second South Australian AFL licence. However a licence did not guarantee entry and although a target year of 1996 was set, this was reliant upon an existing AFL club folding or merging with another. In 1996, the cash-strapped Fitzroy announced it would merge with the Brisbane Bears to form the Brisbane Lions. A spot had finally opened and it was announced that in 1997, one year later than expected, Port Adelaide would enter the AFL.

The first AFL game played for premiership points was played in May 2017 between the Gold Coast Suns and Port Adelaide.

The Port Adelaide Football Club has historically drawn its supporter base in and around historical working class Port Adelaide. However, this support has spread to many coastal locations in Adelaide (from Outer Harbour down to West Beach), in much of the inner-Western suburbs, throughout the North-Eastern suburbs in Campbelltown and Tea Tree Gully, in many of the Southern suburbs (such as Aberfoyle Park and Flagstaff Hill), as well as throughout the Adelaide Hills and country South Australia.

After historically being the largest football club in South Australia, Port Adelaide has reemerged as one of the largest sporting organisations in Australia, with over 60,000 members and an average attendance nearing 45,000 in 2015.

Playing Uniform

Club Song

We got the power the win!
Power to rule! Come on!
Port Adelaide aggression!
We are the Power from Port,
it's more than a sport!
It's the true Port Adelaide tradition!
We'll never stop, stop, stop!
Till we're top, top, top!
There's history here in the making!
We got the power to win!
We'll never give in!
Till the flag is ours for the taking.

Never Tear Us Apart is also a club song.
So successful was the song that in June 2014 the club printed club coloured scarves with the words Never Tear Us Apart on them for fans to hold aloft and sing in unison prior to the start of matches.

In 1880, Port Adelaide moved to Alberton Oval, the club's training and administrative headquarters.

In 2014, Port Adelaide returned to Adelaide Oval as its home ground for the first time since the 1976 SANFL season.

Port Adelaide also runs a Australian rules football program in over 20 Chinese schools culminating in a football carnival the same week the AFL premiership match is held in Shanghai.

On 14 April 2016, Port Adelaide announced a three-year multimillion-dollar partnership with leading Chinese property developer Shanghai Cred. Within this partnership, Port Adelaide will take primary responsibility for developing Australian rules football in China.

years in competition & premierships

Port Adelaide years in competition premierships runner-up
1997 – 2019
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