Port Adelaide Football Club

the power

Port Adelaide Football Club is based in Alberton, Port Adelaide, SA.

It is the oldest professional sporting club in SA and the fifth-oldest club in the AFL.


12 May 1870


The Power

club song

We got the power the win!
Power to rule! Come on!
Port Adelaide aggression!
We are the Power from Port,
It's more than a sport!
It's the true Port Adelaide tradition!
We'll never stop, stop, stop!
Till we're top, top, top!
There's history here in the making!
We got the power to win!
We'll never give in!
Till the flag is ours for the taking.

playing uniform


Never Tear Us Apart is also a club song.
So successful was the song that in June 2014 the club printed club coloured scarves with the words Never Tear Us Apart on them for fans to hold aloft and sing in unison prior to the start of matches.


Port Adelaide premierships runner-up
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