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The West Coast Eagles were selected in 1986 as one of two expansion teams to enter the VFL the following season.

The team's first senior match in the league was played at Subiaco Oval in late March 1987, defeating Richmond by 14 points.




The Eagles

The club's current and former logos have all incorporated a stylised eagle's head, always facing east (i.e. towards the right, where east appears on most maps) to represent the eagle eyeing off its prey in the eastern states.

West Coast reached the finals series for the first time in 1988, and won its first Premiership in 1992, having been defeated in the grand final the previous year.

It is the first non-Victorian team to play in and win a grand final.

They have since won three more premierships, in 1994, 2006 and 2018.

The Eagles have won the second most premierships (four, second to Hawthorn) in the AFL era (1990 onwards) and are one of the most supported and financially dominant clubs in the league.

In the 2006 finals series, the club lost the qualifying final to Sydney by one point, but after defeating the Western Bulldogs and the Adelaide in the semi- and preliminary final, respectively, again progressed to the grand final, where the Eagles defeated Sydney by a point in an exact reversal of the score in the qualifying final.

Playing Uniform

Club Song

Hey Eagles! Hey Eagles!
Hey Eagles! Hey Eagles!
We're flying high! We're flying high!
We're flying high! We're flying high!
We're the Eagles!
The West Coast Eagles, and we're here!
To show you why! We're the big birds.
Kings of the big Game!
We're the Eagles!
We're flying high!

Eagle Rock, a 1971 song recorded by Daddy Cool, is also traditionally played at home games.

Round eighteen of the 2000 season marked the club's final match at the WACA Ground.

Which had been used concurrently with Subiaco Oval since the club's inception.

The Eagles commenced playing home games at Perth stadium in 2018.

years in competition & premierships

West Coast Football Club years in competition premierships runner-up
1987 – 2019
4 3

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