Terms in Aussie Rules Football

a rough guide

Australian Football has developed a unique and rich terminology.
This list is an alphabetical glossary of terms, jargon and slang.


in-and-under player
inside midfielder
A player who tries to win hard ball gets by forcing the ball out of packs.
the act of running or passing the ball inside the 50 metre arc
A statistic that is used to evaluate the effectiveness of midfield players who may not score many goals themselves, but set them up for teammates.
a team position
It consists of players who are part of the selected team but are not currently on the field of play.
At AFL level, each team is permitted four interchange players and a maximum of ninety total player interchanges during a game.
Players have no limit to the number of times they may individually be changed; an interchange can occur at any time during the game including during gameplay.
interchange bench
a designated area of the ground
Where players wait to be allowed onto the field after another player has left, i.e. one player is interchanged for another. The four players named on the interchange bench in the teamsheet (submitted ninety minutes before the game) must be the four interchange players who start on the bench. They may be substituted immediately if the coach wishes.
interchange gate
a 20 metre zone
Marked on the boundary line through which players being interchanged must run