Terms in Aussie Rules Football

a rough guide

Australian Football has developed a unique and rich terminology.
This list is an alphabetical glossary of terms, jargon and slang.


the position of teams on the premiership list
Determined by their win-loss ratio and percentage.
laws of the game
The AFL serves as the sport's governing body, and is responsible for controlling the Laws of the Game with the advice of the Laws of the Game Committee
an attacking player who runs into space
And away from their direct opponent, hoping to attract a pass from a teammate.
leather poisoning
a player who gains many possessions during a game
loose ball get
a disputed ball at ground level
Not under direct physical pressure and resulting in an opportunity to record a legal disposal. Counted as a contested possession.
loose man in defence
a player who typically spends an entire game without a direct opponent
One who assists other defenders in the team when necessary, and is often heavily involved in rebounding.
low tackle
contact made to a player below their knees
Results in a free kick against the tackling player.