a banana
To chuck a nana  is to have a tantrum.
Also known as doin' your nana.
If you are off your nana  you are crazy.

aussie diminutive
short tempered
Jack'll be narked about this.
sexual intercourse
aussie slang since 1959
the horseraces
In early British slang this meant a donkey.
aussie slang since the 1880s
Ned Kelly
australia's unofficial national hero
 To be game as Ned Kelly is to be outstandingly courageous.
need your head read
you are acting insane
aussie slang since the 1950s
neenish tart
a small pastry confection
Made with almond flavoured pastry and a topping half one colour and half another, usually a combination of white and chocolate or white and pink.
aussie recipe from the 1930s
the desert country
Especially the sparsely populated areas of the NT and Qld.
aussie slang since the 1830s
new chum
a novice or inexperienced person
Originally a newly transported convict, and later any newly arrived immigrant.
I was the new chum on the job.
Adopted as the name of a Brisbane suburb.

aussie slang since the 1850s
something completely new, a novelty
Often used sarcastically:
My, that's a newie!

aussie slang since the 1920s


an ironic title for an important person, especially an employer
His nibs has asked us to work a little harder.
1 state or condition
This car is in great nick.
2 to steal
Did you nick these flowers?
3 to capture or arrest
I got nicked for stealing these flowers.
4 prison
He's been released from the nick after five years.
5 to go or move with speed
I'm just nicking off to the shops.
Nick off, you stupid bugger – and don't come back!
a simpleton
aussie slang since the 1950s
in a bad mood
1 young child
2 junior member of a surf lifesaving club
national liberal party
 The National Liberal Party, also Liberal or The Coalition, is an Australian right-wing political party.
Counterpart to the ALP


noah's ark
a shark
 Commonly shortened to noah
rhyming slang since the 1940s: noah 's ark for shark
nod your head
to plead guilty
To accept blame or responsibility for something
Also in the form nod your nut.

aussie underworld slang since the 1950s
no flies on you
you are clever
A complimentary australianism that has been exported to the USA.
no biggie
no big deal
no drama
no problem
a simpleton
aussie slang since the 1950s
aussie slang since the 1960s
no worries ∼ no risk
an exclamation of reassurance or approval
Have we got enough beer?
No risk, we've got heaps.
Thanks for bringing the beer.
No worries, mate!

aussie slang since the late 1950s
no wuckas
no worries
No wuckas, mate.
Meaning No fucking worries, mate.

A short form of no wuckin' furries
a meal
Hence, to put on the nosebag  is to begin a meal.
not a sausage
absolutely nothing
Usually in reference to money.
rhyming slang: sausage and mash for cash
not happy, Jan
irritation, annoyance, or disapproval
From the Yellow Pages advertising campaign.
aussie slang since 2002
not have a bar of
to have nothing to do with something
I won't have a bar of you blokes carrying on like this.
not know from a bar of soap
to be completely unfamiliar with
He doesn't know me from a bar of soap.
not much chop
no good
aussie slang since the 1840s
not the full quid
not having a full complement of intelligence
aussie slang since the 1940s


stocky and tough
aussie slang since the 1860s
number ones
number twos
nun's nasty
very dry
Hence the expression as dry as a nun's nasty
nut bag
a fool, a crazy person
nut out
negotiate an agreement, solve a problem
it's the

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English