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Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English


the flag carrier airline of australia
An acronym of
Queensland & Northern Territory Aerial Services

 Founded in 1920 at Winton, Qld, it is the third oldest airline in the world.
Nicknamed The Flying Kangaroo, it initially operated air‑mail services subsidised by the government, linking railheads in western Queensland.
It made the inaugural flight of the Royal Flying Doctor in 1928.
a high-set weatherboard house
queensland nut
macadamia nut
 Native to north eastern NSW and central and south eastern Qld.
The only native crop that has ever been traded internationally as a commercial food product.
Named in tribute to Dr John Macadam (1827-1865) the Scottish-Australian chemist, medical teacher, and politician whose other claim to fame was that he was an umpire at the first‑ever Aussie Rules football match.

 aboriginal languages = kindal kindal, bauple, gyndl, jindilli, boombera
homosexual male
1 sex that takes only a few minutes
2 a quick drink
3 anything done rapidly
quick quid
a modest amount of money earned with little effort
quid ∼ make a quid
earn a living
quid ∼ not the full quid
of low intelligence
a form of betting
Bets are laid on the first and second placegetters in any order in the one race.
american spanish: a game of chance
an australian tree
With a red fruit containing an edible kernel.
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Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English