1 a kangaroo
2 money
How much kanga have you got on you?
3 a prison warder
rhyming slang: kanga roo for screw
Perhaps the most well-known Australian English word, kangaroo comes from the Guugu Yimithirr Aboriginal language of far north Queensland.
 aboriginal languages guugu yimithirr from fnq
1 a marsupial that jumps along on strong hind legs
A common sight in the bush and main streets of large cities.
2 to be slightly insane
She's got kangaroos loose in the top paddock!
3 to make a car jump along by unskilful clutch control
A kangaroo hop
4 to squat over a toilet seat
 I'm goin' to kangaroo this dunny, it's filthy!
5 a derisive word for an aussie
usa slang
kangaroo valley
earls court, a suburb of london uk
A major haunt of visitors from down-under  


keep nit
to act as a lookout during illegal activity
See cockatoo for a similar term. aussie slang since 1882
1 a person who drinks an inordinate amount of beer
2 an obese person  
a crow
 A much hated bird in rural areas; possibly a wry refence to Ned Kelly as a thief. aussie slang since the 1920s
Kelly country
parts of north-eastern vic and across the border into nsw

The area where the Kelly Gang operated.
Kembla Grange
loose change
Don't forget your kembla.
After the name of the racecourse at Woolongong NSW.

rhyming slang: kembla grange for change
Kenmore tractor
a derogatory term for a city-only four-wheel-drive
brisbane slang
aussie sheepdog
 Bred from imported Scottish collies imported to Australia for stock work in the early 19th century. It has a smooth coat of variable colour and pricked ears. Probably takes it's name from an early specimen of the breed.
They were bred to other types of dogs, including the dingo, with an eye to working sheep without direct supervision.


an imaginary remote country town
A twin-town of Kickacanalong in NZ.  
derisive aussie slang
a pocket on trousers or pants  
kick in
literally, what a kid might bet
Hence, child's play.
aussie slang since the 1910s
kill a brown dog
disgustingly repulsive food
I'm not eating that muck, it'd kill a brown dog!  
killed a chinaman
beset by a series of misfortunes
I must have killed a chinaman!
Referring to a putative Anglo-Australian superstition that killing a Chinese person brought about bad luck.
Historically the Chinese have had a presence in Australia since colonial days, and there was once great folk superstition attached to them. A sure sign of fortune was attributed to encountering a Chinese person as one engaged in a bet, and it was supposed that killing such an individual would lead to a disastrous run of bad luck. Similar to a bad trot.
aussie slang since the 1940s
a kindergarten  
1 an expert
He was a two-up king.
aussie slang since ww1 2 to king-hit someone
I kinged him before he knew what was happening.  
king brown
a 750ml bottle of beer in wa
Generally called a long neck elsewhere, except Qld, where the term tallie is often used.
wa slang
1 a king prawn
2 a kingfish  
the top person in an organisation
aussie slang since the 1900s
King Shit
a bloke with a very high opinion of himself
He thinks he's King Shit  
1 a flat board
 Used to toss the coins in the game of two-up
2 a sleep or nap
I'm goin' for a kip, wake me up when dinner's ready.
3 to stay somewhere on a temporary basis
He's kipping at Tom's for a couple of days. 
1 a new zealander
After the well-known flightless bird, emblem of NZ.
Hence, Kiwiland is New Zealand.

2 the nz dollar in financial slang


klicks ∼ k's
It's only 100 klicks to the pub!  
tired, exhausted  
the testicles  
to criticise  
knock back
1 a refusal or rejection
I asked her out, but got a knock back.
2 to consume, especially rapidly
He knocked back two cans of beer.  
knock down
to spend the entirety of your wages from a seasonal job
A former habit of shearers, usually by going on an unrestrained drinking binge, frequently because they were victims of lambing down.
He knocked down his cheque at the local pub.
knock 'em down rains
a violent thunderstorm
Strong winds, lashing rain, and plenty of thunder and lightning are features of the weather in the Top End. Looks like we're in for another knock 'em down tonight.
nt slang
a person who has nothing good to say about anyone or anything

aussie slang since the 1920s
knocker ∼ on the knocker
1 precisely on time
He was here at noon, on the knocker.
2 immediately
They want cash on the knocker.  
knock it on the head
put a stop to something  
knock shop ∼ knockers
knock your socks off
something that will amaze or surprise  
to assault with the fists  


a tailless, grey, furry, arboreal marsupial
The koala, Phascolarctos cinereus of eastern Australia, is about 75 cm long.
Although superficially similar to a small bear, there is no zoological justification for the expression koala bear.
Not to be confused with the drop bear, which drops from trees onto unsuspecting tourists.  
the australian international men's hockey team 
a large kingfisher
 With a cry resembling laughter, the iconic aussie bird.

 aboriginal language wiradjuri from nsw
kooka ∼ kookie
laconic way of saying kookaburra  
a person in the aboriginal languages of south-eastern australia
Because of the number of Australian Aboriginal languages, koori has not gained Australia–wide acceptance, being confined to most of NSW and Vic. Other terms are preferred elsewhere.
See Aboriginal Australia for more information.

 aboriginal australia
an australian aboriginal people
The term over most of NSW.  aboriginal australia
an australian aboriginal people
The term in most of Vic.  aboriginal australia
to foil or quash something
aussie slang since the 1830s
a term for what is known elsewhere as a boomerang
aboriginal languge noongar from south-west w.a.
it's the

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian English